Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lesson 01!

I lied about typing all in Hiragana, haha~


Anyway, this is my platform for revising!! はじまります!

01. The two dots go bottom first then upper second, bottom is longer than the upper one
02. さ "sa" and き "ki" must not be written like how the computer does, the last stroke is not connected
03. か、た、な "ka, ta, na": the ノ stroke doesn't curve inwards, it curve outwards but only slightly
04. ろ "ro" must not be written like a 3
05. す "su" sounds heavier on the "s" and not the "u", so don't pronounce it like the "su" in "苏州"
06. わ、を、ん "wa, wo, n" are irregularities, or something like that~ While や、ゆ、よ are regular like the others~
07. ぢ "ji/di" is in use even though it's in very rare cases

Ok, I think that's all for my first ever Japanese lesson~!

This Friday, it's the Hiragana test!! がんばります!!