Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lesson 11!

Class ended at about 10:30pm. レッソンはじゅうじはんぐらいおわりました。


① Pronoun/people/subject は time に transport method で place へ/に verb+form.

② Place A から place B までどのくらいかかりますか。

③ どのぐらい is more for female's usage.

④ わたしといっしょにふねでちゅうごくへいきませんか。 -- Won't you go to China with me by ship?
That was the question that せんせい gave me during one of the lessons, we have to write it in Japanese~

⑤ せんせいはりょうがきらいです。 -- Sensei doesn't like Ryo. She saw my folder's cover, NEWS is on it and she asked which one I like. I said Ryo. Then she said she thinks that Ryo is arrogant. Haha~~~ Ryo is just shy ma!!!!!!! He's not arrogant la~ XD

Ok, that's all folks, I don't remember~ XD