Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lesson 01!

Yay! Start of the new course, Elementary 2!! Besides the original 11 people, we have 2 additions, girls~

O, we also have the other classroom as our classroom this time round~

The top guy left us to skip to Intermediate 1~ So KP and me are the top 2 now~ I don't wanna skip, I don't think I'm good enough, top guy skipped because he learned all these before~

So, today we learned numbers and their counters!!

① こ = Small things
② 人 = People
③ 本 = Long things
④ 枚 = Thin things
⑤ 冊 = Books
⑥ 円 = Money
⑦ 匹 = Small Animals
⑧ 頭 = Big animals
⑨ 足 = Pairs of socks or shoes
⑩ 歳/才 = Age
⑪ 台 = Machines
⑫ せき = Ships
⑬ 軒 = Houses
⑭ 杯 = Cups
⑮ 回/度 = Times
⑯ 番 = Order/sequence
⑰ 階 = Floors

There are many many more counters! Just like Chinese~ But Japanese is more complicated because the number accompanying the counters need to be changed, especially One, Three, Four, Six, Eight and Ten. So one has to be careful when using!

We were given only 15 minutes to memorise this list and then sensei tests us with random ones *sweats* I failed the ろっこ [6こ] T_T

⑱ Objectnumber+counter あります/います。
⑲ Objectnumber+counter verb