Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lesson 05!


We revised last lesson. The replacement of koto with the particle, no.

Today, we learned the replacement of hito, tokoro and mono with the particle, no.

① バナナを食べているのは誰ですか。
Who is the one that is eating banana?

② 田中さんがバナナを食べているのはどこですか。
Where is the place that Tanaka-san is eating banana?

③ 田中さんが食べているのはなんですか。
What is the thing that Tanaka-san is eating?

Next, we learn about のに。

There are two types of のに:

① In order to.., for the purpose of..

This machine is used to check whether it is broken or not.

② Although, even though

Although he is having a cold, he is swimming.