Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lesson 17!


① Place  noun を verb。 [Doing "stuff" "at" a "place"]

② Place  noun があります/います。 [The "stuff" is just there "at" the "place"]

せんせい told us to write 10 lines to introduce ourselves. I finished first. XD After we submitted it to her, she gave them out to us again but not our own paper! She wants us to mark another person's work!

I got the youngest classmate's paper, haha.. He made the same mistake for all questions, haha..

At the MRT, our group of three increased to group of 5! XD So happy, lol.. They live in Seng Kang too! Cool!

Today's the last lesson in the textbook, lesson 10~ Next lesson.. What will we be doing? Next next lesson will be the final exam, I think!! OMG!! がんばります!!