Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lesson 08!

Today, we've got the て-form test. I got 37 upon 41, 3rd in class, most probably.. T_T

Anyway, here's what I learned today~

① Please take photo with me in the garden.
-- 庭で私と写真を取ってください

② Because I don't really understand Japanese, please speak slowly.
-- 私は日本語があまりわかりませんから、ゆっくり話してください

③ I'm drinking coffee in the new restaurant now.
-- 私は今新しいレストランでコーヒーを飲んでいます

④ A man and a woman are talking outside.
-- 男の人と女の人は外で話しています

⑤ It's raining now.
-- 今雨が降っています

⑥ Because I don't have time, please walk faster.
-- 時間がありませんから、速く歩いてください