Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lesson 11!

Ah............... Sensei asked us if we wanna take JLPT 4 this Dec 6.. I want to but we have to complete Intermediate first! In order to do that, we need two lessons per week but her other day is Saturday! I have to teach on that day!! T_T どうする!

But at our standard now, will I be able to take JLPT 4? If only I can look at past year papers, like our O levels Ten-year series XD Anyone has anything like that? I'd most definitely want to see!

We're still stuck at the same thing as last week.. -_-" The classmates are too slow. Out of 12, 4 or 6 are good.. The other 5 lag quite badly behind us.. The remaining 1 is in the middle.. Sad..

The following sentence describes our speed and it reveals what we learned/were still stuck on today: