Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lesson 08 and 09!!


Last lesson was only revision and reinforcing Lesson 34~

Today, we started Lesson 35~! We learned 4 things!

① "Word stem + ながら" = ..while..

Verb A = 飲みます Drink
Verb B = 話します Chat

I drink tea while chatting with my friend.

② たり = many nouns/adjectives/verbs in no sequence

-- All words to be used with たり have to be in た-form.
-- It usually has a meaning of "etc".
-- Remember to write the します and です at the end.

E.g.1. 土曜日、私は洗濯したり、本を読んだり、テレビを見たりします。
On Saturday, I wash clothes, read a book, watch television.

E.g.2. この部屋はきれいだったり、広かったり、安かったりです。
This room is clean, big, cheap.

③ "Plain form + し" = many reasons

Reason 1: It's raining.
Reason 2: There's no time.
Result: Go by a cab.

It's raining and there's no time, I will go by a cab.

④ みたい = like

E.g.1. 雪みたい花。
A flower that is like snow.
Here, みたい works like a な-adj.

E.g.2. 花が木から雪みたい散ります。
The flowers will fall from the trees like snow.
Here, みたい works like an adverb.