Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lesson 10, 11 and 12!!


Well, I didn't go for lesson on the 4th of May because my English Teaching course was shifted to Tuesday for that time. But the lesson that I missed was only the revision and practise of the last lesson~

Then I didn't blog last week because I was tired XD We learnt about another 3 ways to say "because"~

① …て、…

♫ Change the "reason" into て-form.
♫♫ Use this form of "because" when the things are happening in sequence.

e.g. ニュースを聞いて、びっくりしました。
-- Because I heard the news, I was surprised.

You CANNOT use it like this:
e.g. 友達が来て、掃除します。
Because it will become like you will clean your room when your friend has arrived at your room, lol~

② …ので、…

♫ Change the "reason" into the plain form.
♫ For い-adj, just use it as it is.
♫ For な-adj and Nouns, just add な before ので.
♫♫ The use of this form of "because" is for general use.

e.g.1. 暇なので、明日映画を見ようと思います。
-- Because I'm free, I intend to watch a movie tomorrow.

e.g.2. 友達が来るので、私は部屋を掃除します。
-- Because my friend will come, I will clean my room.

③ …ために、…

♫ Change the "reason" into plain form.
♫ For Nouns, just add の before ために.
♫♫ The use of this form of "because" is usually for bad things.

e.g. ひどい風のために、木が倒れました。
Because of the severe wind, the trees fell.

So for today, Lesson 12, we learnt the 3 uses of "ように"!

① "A ように、B."

♪ In order to achieve A, I must B
♪ I must B so that I can A.
♫ Use the plain form before ように.

e.g. 日本語がよく話せるように、毎日勉強します。
In order to speak Japanese well, I will study everyday.

② To develop a habit

e.g. 子供の時、私の母は『雨の日に出かけないようにしなさい』といつも言いました。
► "しなさい" can be changed into "してください" too.
-- When I was young, my mother always told me not to go out on rainy days.

③ Developed a habit

e.g. 静かな彼は笑えるようになりました。
-- He who is quiet had become able to laugh.

And yup~~ 今日はここまでです~!♥ See ya next week~!
( ^_^)/*\(^_^ )