Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lesson 04!


Basically, we did the remaining of Lesson 32 of the textbook~ Then after 9:30pm, we finally moved on to Lesson 33!! It's the kind of CASUAL FORM you'd hear in anime!! Hohoho~~

It sounds rough of course, girls in Japan don't usually use this form, only boys and rough girls [like me] use them, haha~ This form is used for "ordering" people around, called Imperative form. For example, when the boss orders you to do something, or when someone is angry with you, etc. Be very careful when using these because Japanese are very very particular about manners and status [even if you're only one year younger than the person, you have to be polite].

Positive form
Group ①

Change from the う line to the え line
書く ⇒ 書け = Write!
帰る ⇒ 帰れ = Go back!
言う ⇒ 言え = Say!
読む ⇒ 読め = Read!

Group ②
Change from る to ろ
食べる ⇒ 食べろ = Eat!
見る ⇒ 見ろ = Look!
考える ⇒ 考えろ = Think!
止める ⇒ 止めろ = Stop!

Group ③
する ⇒ しろ = Do!
くる ⇒ こい = Come!

Negative form
Group ①②③

Just add a な to the dictionary form
書く ⇒ 書くな = Don't write!
食べる ⇒ 食べるな = Don't eat!
する ⇒ するな = Don't do!
くる ⇒ くるな = Don't come!

There are usually 4 situations where you use this form:

Ⅰ When the father scolds his children

Ⅱ When boys are talking to each other [they usually add よ at the end to make the tone softer, coz you don't order your friends around, do you?!]

Ⅲ When cheering your sports team on, etc

Ⅳ When emergency occurs

Instead of ください use くれ
The more shortcut and casual way of saying please is to replace ください with くれ. Again, girls shouldn't be heard saying this, but then again, who cares in the context of the here and now? XD Boys and girls are the same!!!!!!!!! XD

Polite ⇒ Casual ⇒ Commonly used for both genders
ちょっと待ってください ⇒ ちょっと待ってくれ ⇒ ちょっと待って
助けてください ⇒ 助けてくれ ⇒ 助けて

So yeah, so many forms, but girls cannot use?! Then how do girls order people about? Don't worry, girls use the following!

書きます ⇒ 書きなさい = Please write!
食べます ⇒ 食べなさい = Please eat!
勉強します ⇒ 勉強しなさい = Please study!
来ます ⇒ 来なさい = Please come!

As you can see, just add なさい to the word stem and you're good to go and scold your naughty child. LOL.. On the other hand, to tell them NOT to do stuff, it's:

書きます ⇒ 書きなさるな = Please don't write!
食べます ⇒ 食べなさるな = Please don't eat!
勉強します ⇒ 勉強しなさるな = Please don't study!
きます ⇒ きなさるな = Please don't come!

今日はここまでです!役に立ちますか。XD じゃ、また来週ね!^_~